How to cash out your points.

Once you have earned up to at least 1,000 points, you can start applying for the cash out of your points.

Your cash out points will be paid to you in two ways which are:

1. 70% of the total points you want to cash out will be converted and paid to you as cash.

  1. While 30% of the points will be converted and sent to you as a shopping voucher which you can use to shop for anything you like for free from any of the reward participating business outlet as you will be directed.

To get your cash:

You can get the 70% of the total points as cash by selecting one out of the cash out methods:

Cash out through:

1.    Bank deposit.

2.    Mobile money transfer.


Whichever you choose will be used to administer your cash out request.

And you will be issued a shopping ticket of the remaining 30% of your point to visit any of the Agbontaen reward participating business outlet to use to shop for free.

Only members with sufficient redeemable reward points are eligible to redeem their reward point for reward.


The minimum redeemable point for members to request for redemption of point for reward is 1,000 points.


Membership account should be active (not in pause, suspended mode or terminated).


After requesting for cash-out through any one of the cash out method, accounts are thoroughly checked. After the request is accepted, the cash out method will be processed


And this could take up to 7 working days or more. The charges incurred for processing the account transfer would be deducted from the actual payout amount.


The shopping ticket that is issued to member not claim within 2 weeks will be automatically forfeited from the date of redemption.


Once the cash out point and shopping ticket have been redeemed, the corresponding reward points would be deducted accordingly from the member’s reward points’ account.

Agbontaen business patronage reward Points to Nigeria Naira exchange rate is as follow:

One Agbontaen business patronage reward point = 0.1 Nigeria Kobo

So for example, 1, 000 Agbontaen reward points will give you 1, 000 x 0.1kobo = N100.


So for now, every Agbontaen reward point is exchanged for 0.1 Nigeria kobo.

That is, the more points you earn, the more cash you are going to be getting too.


To turn your point to cash, click here: cash-out