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If yes, then partner with us to start helping you drive the sales and customer patronage you want to your business on a day by day basis.


How it works.

This program is provided to help you boost sales and customers' patronage to your business by helping you use reward to motivate and encourage people to patronize your business at all times. 


Why reward?

All over the world, reward has be discovered to work like magic in helping business owners boost sales and patronage to their businesses. Business owners who implement it for their business records an upwards increase of about 30 to 60 percent in sales, patronage, revenue generation and customer acquisition.

 How it works.

This program work by enabling you get an affordable reward vouchers which you can be using to reward and provide benefit to people for patronizing your business and services.


The reward voucher(s) enable the people you reward to get and enjoy a lot of benefits through this program.

The voucher contains reward benefit points which the people you reward can use to get and claim their benefit through the website for free for patronizing your business.  


When you register to become reward participating business, it means you will start buying and using the reward voucher you get to reward everyone who patronize your business whenever they patronize your business which will then enable them get and enjoy their reward benefits. 


Some of the benefit of this program for your business include:

1. We will start helping you promo, find and direct customers to patronize your business on a day by day basis.

2.  We will help you use the reward program to motivate and encourage people to patronize your business at all times.

3.  It will help you attract new customers and boost repeat sale to your business 

4.  You will get to save and make additional money through the customers that patronize your business.

5.  You will also get to make more money through the repeat sales you get from them.

6.  One of the big advantage of this program to your business is that it is very very cheap and affordable to use to promote your business no matter the kind of business you are into.

 Other benefits includes:

* You will get to benefit from business financial support grant that enable you get financial support grant which you can use to support the growth of your business for free. You can get as from N20, 000 and up to N500, 000 to support the growth of your business for free. 

 * You will also get to be making additional money through the people that patronizes your business through this program even when they don't buy anything from you.

* etc.


What is the cost of this customer reward voucher?

The customer reward voucher price is as shown in the table below. Starting with just N3 per voucher and it comes in a pack of 50 vouchers per pack. The brake down of the prices is as follow:


Unit Price


Total price





50 Vouchers


With just N150 you can be able to reward up to 50 customers Buy Now



50 Vouchers


With N250 you can reward up to 50 customers  Buy Now



50 Vouchers


With N500 you can reward up to 50 customers  Buy Now



50 Vouchers


With N750 you can reward up to 50 customers  Buy Now



50 Vouchers


With N1000 you can reward up to 50 customers  Buy Now



50 Vouchers


 With N1,500 you can reward up to 50 customers Buy Now



50 Vouchers


With N2,500 you can reward up to 50 customers  Buy Now
 8 N100 50 Vouchers N5,000 With N5000 you can reward up to 50 customers  Buy Now


How to use the reward voucher for your business.


You are in total control of it all. You decide how many of the reward voucher(s) are just enough to reward any of the customers you want to reward based on their patronage. Buy the quantities you need and start using it to reward them.

When customer comes to patronize your business, reward them by giving them the Reward voucher as a gift for them for patronizing your business. That is all and nothing more from your side.

The customer comes to website to use the voucher you give them to claim their reward benefit points which they can use to claim their reward benefit from the website.

 So all you do is to continue to make the sales while we are connecting the customers to your business using the reward voucher you give them to motivate them to come do business with you the more.

Just know this, the more they come, the more you reward them, the more and more they are going to be coming to patronize your business and the more sales you are going to be making also.

Join us now to start benefiting from this program.


How to order for the Reward Vouchers:

To order:


  1. Select the package you want from the table


        2. Then click on the Buy now button to make your payment. 



  1. After payment, send us text on this mobile number 08110767636 to notify us about your payment to enable us process your order and deliver the reward voucher to your email address which you can later print or give out as text code to your customers.


Your sms to us should be on this format:


I have made payment for ARV through paystack, total units paid for, Amount paid, Date paid, Your Name, Email Address, Mobile no.


  1. When we receive and confirm your order and payment, we shall process your order and email it to you.


  1. When you get your order and start using it to reward your buyers, instruct them to visit to claim their rewards.


How to advertise your offer on Partner Directory.

As soon as you order for the reward voucher, submit your advert material to us so we can start using it to direct people to your business.




We are very sure that this marketing system will help you boost sales to your business and we are ready to help you achieve it without risk to you. If you use the reward vouchers to promote your offer or service, and you could not use it to achieve your purpose, that is, you could not give it out because nobody bought what you are using it to promote, and you think you want to return the reward vouchers back to for the refund of your money, you are absolutely free to return them and opt out of the incentive and referral based marketing service of the You will get all the total money to the tune of the value of the reward vouchers you returned back without any questions. But we know that this program will really help you boost sales to your business. Results from other marketers have shown us that.


Give it a try today!!!